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“For anyone who is a victim of rape, I am stepping forward to meet you and to help you tell your story.”

Rape survivor Linor Abargil is on a mission of reaching out to fellow survivors.  She has spent the last three years traveling the world to talk about what happened to her, and urging others to speak.  “The only way we can help each other and make a change in our society is by telling our stories,” Linor says.  We have followed her journey for a documentary, slated for release in 2012.

“The most important thing you can do as a rape survivor is to seek help,” Linor says. “I encourage you to call your local rape crisis center, and other organizations that care for rape victims.  Your identity will be anonymous there.  You need to speak to someone, and even if you can’t turn to your family, at least call for professional help. It’s so important.”

We hope that survivors of rape worldwide will use this website to follow Linor’s progress and as a place to connect and to share accounts of pain and healing, information, and resources.

The Linor Documentary follows Linor’s decision to speak out about her rape after ten years, her ongoing process of healing, and her journey as she meets with other survivors around the world.  We have completed filming and are raising funds for post production.  We need your help to finish editing the film.  Any amount you can manage will go a long way.  Please click below to make an online donation.  Thank you so much.

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